Selecting the Grant Writing Service That’s Right for You

grant writing serviceIf your organization is planning to apply for foundation or federal grants, you know that producing a well-written grant proposal is crucial in having a charitable institution or the government decide whether you’ll get the money or not.  If your organization lacks the employment of a grant writing staff, it will be in your best interest to get a hold of a grant writing service to propose funding requests for you.

Grant writing services are aplenty; you can find them in your local community or online. These services will utilize the information you have handed out about the applicant – whether it’s yourself or your organization. They will transform that information into the perfect grant proposal that you need to be submitted, taking into account the proper format and tuning the right language.  By hiring grant writing services, you’ll be hiring people that know the writing process and the basic elements such as your project specifications, budgetary status, references, etc.

So how do you select the right grant writing service? To start off, you can conduct a search for grant writing services online. However, the web will leave you with multiple options, so it’s vital that you carefully check the grant writing service that will suit your needs and budget.

Below is a list of factors you must consider in choosing the grant writing service that’s right for you:

  • Pricing: The pricing can be a huge deciding factor in your selection of a grant writing service. However, don’t let this stop you. There are several services that offer quality grant writing (research staff experience) and will also cost you less. Pick one that’s right for you.
  • Experience: Staff experience is necessary in order to furnish you with high-quality grant writing. Remember that you need to obtain funds so it’s important that the written proposal is original, well-thought out, and clearly detailed. Only experienced researchers and writers can provide you with successful grant proposals.  When in doubt, ask the writing service how long they have been in business, and the educational attainment and work experience of its grant writing staff.
  • Knowledge: Ensure that the staff is knowledgeable in all specific areas of grant writing. If you’re after funds that are technology- or medical- related, it’s imperative that you seek out a grant writing service that has a staff specializing in these fields.
  • Samples:  Grant writing services provide actual work samples on their portfolios or website. Check out these samples to help you decide if it’s the grant writing service you’re after. If you have picked a service and have not seen a sample online, contact them to provide you with current samples. Also, beware of grant writing scams. There are tons of them online. Grant writing service scammers ask you to pay an upfront fee for their work or just for their samples. Don’t fall prey to them.

Keep in mind that you and your organization are not the only ones who will be seeking for grants. There is stiff competition, whether you’re applying for charitable funds or government grants. By hiring well-qualified and professional grant writing services, you can improve the odds of scoring the grant funds that you seek.